We have a beautiful backyard, complete with an old swing hanging underneath an old oak tree and a calming pond, but we rarely sit outside to enjoy them. When we do get time to enjoy them, my eyes are immediately drawn to the massive weeds growing around the pond. Weeds are often thought of as unwanted or troublesome plants that grow in places where we don’t want them to, quickly overtaking appealing landscaping and turning it into an eyesore. Lately though, I’ve been seeing the weeds surrounding our pond and popping up in our landscaping as a blessing.

Weeds… a blessing? Yes!!!!!!!

The weeds have grown and created quite the mess because of the abundant blessings that we have in our life. Over the summer, we’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the final months of our last pregnancy, welcome a sweet new baby into our home, play with our kids, volunteer at church, go to carnivals, and spend quality time with our families. The weeds may be a nuisance, but no amount of weeding and gardening can replace the memories we’ve made as a family.

Life may slow down in a few weeks with fall approaching and we may have time to do some weeding. Instead, I think we will sit on our old swing and give thanks for the weeds that have had a chance to grow this summer and for the blessings and memories that they represent.


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