Blessings Learned

Paper Jams

Need a good laugh today? See below…

jam 1.png

I was just minding my own business trying to print labels for holiday party invitations today, and my printer had a different idea. At first it was just two labels missing off of one sheet (after spending 5 minutes trying to figure out how to put the paper in to print on the right side in the first place). I thought I cleared the jam, and that the labels were just missing from that page before it went through the printer. So, I started over and quickly realized I was wrong. That’s how you get the mess that’s pictured above. After a few choice words and threatening the printer within an inch of it’s life, I cleared out the paper jam (plus stickers) again.  It should have been smooth sailing from there, but the printer was still really hungry and it tried to eat like six sheets of labels at once. I finally learned my lesson, only after clearing the paper jam for a third time, and fed the labels through the bypass tray one at a time. Success at last!

Besides giving us all a good laugh, there’s something to be had from this frustrating experience this morning.

Life is the printer. God is the Operator. We’re the piece of label paper.

Our life prints out on the paper smoothly, until it doesn’t. Sometimes the labels peel away from the paper and become an obstruction just like illnesses, sin, divorce, and debt can be obstructions in our lives.  It can be so difficult to look to God when we are facing obstructions. Sometimes we feel that the obstructions are so great, that there is no hope or maybe we feel that our sins have made us unworthy of forgiveness.  Like the paper being unjammed from the printer by the operator, we come through parts of life torn apart and crinkled up. The pieces of our lives may seem so messy, that we think we can never be whole or serve a greater purpose. These labels below seem pretty worthless, don’t they?

labels 2

But we can be whole and we can have a greater purpose. The Great Operator can take the torn, crinkly pieces of our lives and  transform them into a beautiful picture (if we let Him).











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