Blessings Learned

Beginning this by saying that this is an incredibly rare occurrence. My hubby is the best. Really, he is. I’m just worn-out today and thought it was a pretty good text and wow, I totally did lose my cool tonight in front of lots of family, but you know what? It happens.

Dear Hubby,

This is a quick note to tell you about things you should try not do at 8:45pm.

1. Tell wife you’ll be back in just a minute and set off on an adventure to track a deer.

2. Not come back in just a minute.

3. Leave overly exhausted wife with four kids who didn’t nap and are crashing from a sugar high, 1.5 hours after bedtime.

Said kids, especially the threenager, will not listen and will make mom lose her cool in front of everyone and leave mom frustrated and angry.

4. Make mom frustrated and angry. It’s not good for anyone.

Trying to Not Be Frustrated and Angry Mom, Who’s Trying to Carry All Four Kids in from the Car to Bed

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