Blessings Learned

Let’s skip the usual “I’m so thankful” Christmas post and talk about what most of us are thinking today. Christmas was so rushed, we didn’t get to really enjoy it.

We obviously enjoyed watching our kiddos faces light up at the site of their presents and the laughs shared with family. But… we rushed from place to place, gathering to gathering with just enough time between to grab a snack and take quick showers.

We, okay – I, had plans to make a birthday cake for Jesus, build gingerbread houses, watch a Christmas movie and maybe take a nap. That’s taking it a little too far, maybe? None the less, we weren’t able to do any of those things yesterday. We went to each gathering with the stress of making it to the next gathering on time, and trying to figure out how we could keep everyone from meltdowns with no naps, until 10ish, a full two hours after their usual bedtime.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this is likely to always be reality for our family. After our first Christmas with our oldest, I went back to work the next day. I quickly realized that with kids it’s best to take the day after off, to enjoy the time at home and rest from the busy-ness of the day before.

So, today we will enjoy being at home and pretend that it’s still Christmas. We’ll try to check a few of yesterday’s want to-do’s off of the list because it’s really not too late. It’s still Christmas season in our hearts and home.

Sending warm holiday wishes from our blessed family to yours. May your day be relaxed and enjoyable!

Blessings Learned

Things I Want to be Today

It’s one of those days, where being a wife and mom are not on the “things I want to be today” list.

You know the kind of day I’m talking about – you’re touched out, have reached a kind of tired that no amount of caffeine can fix, and you need to not be the center of the universe for like, I don’t know, maybe even just a minute, to regain your sanity. I’m right there with you momma – you are not alone.

In the middle of the morning chaos, you mumble that you’d like one quiet morning, where you can just walk out the door, jump in your car, drive through Starbucks or (gasp) maybe even sit-down in Starbucks and enjoy a nice coffee before starting the work day. You can’t even imagine a morning where the kids get dressed and brush their teeth without nagging, haven’t lost their shoes, and understand that when it’s under thirty degrees wearing a coat is not to torture but protect them.

You manage to get everyone in the car and buckled up, scrolling through Spotify to find that one song that keeps everyone happy for the five-minute drive to school and daycare. Morning drop-offs are met with a sigh of relief because you’ll have a few precious moments of peace and quiet before you get to work, and a bit of sadness because your kids turn on the sweetness when they get out of the car to start their day and you don’t really want to leave them. Nothing is sweeter than your almost, too cool for mom, six year old blowing you kisses as he skips into school.

Now I’m not sure what you do after you drop your kids off in the morning, but on days like today I take a minute to scroll back through Spotify and find some non-Kidz Bop version of a song, that might even have some suggestive lyrics and turn it all the way up. And no judgement here on your song choice momma, because mine is usually some Justin Bieber. On the drive between daycare and work, I forget that I’m an almost thirty, wife and mom driving a mini-van.

And this part of the day, where I unintentionally try to blow-out the speakers in the mom van, is how I reset and care for myself. And it’s the most important part of my day especially when I don’t feel like wife-ing or mom-ing. For a few minutes I don’t have to be anything to anyone.

The magic of those minutes of self-care can be seen when I realize that I can in fact handle being a wife and mom, and take on the day with a coffee in each hand.

Take those few minutes today momma. Sit in the quiet, turn up the music, walk around the parking lot – reset yourself. You’ll be thankful you did when the work day is done.

Blessings Learned

Post of Appreciation

This post comes to you from the OR waiting room. My hubby had a tonsilectomy today, and I’m anxiously waiting to be reunited with him. It’s only been an hour and a half, but it’s been more than enough time to think about our relationship, and of course one thousand and one what-if scenarios because it is surgery and I am an anxious person.

We’ve had our fair share of break-ups over the course of our 13.5 year relationship, including one 2.5 years ago when we literally walked hand in hand into the courthouse to get divorced. How we got there doesn’t matter so much now. We were both at fault, but that day, a day before our fifth wedding anniversary we chose each other – again. That day I promised God and myself that I would choose my husband everyday because after we didn’t get divorced I realized how much we had to lose. I can’t explain the relief I felt when I collapsed into his arms that day, but I know that was the best feeling. It doesn’t matter what kind of day we’ve had or how stressful life might be, I always look forward to getting home to him now, every day.

I would have argued a few years ago that no relationship could be this great but ours is now. God has worked wonders in our marriage because we finally allowed him to. I’m so thankful for God’s work but also for my husband who’s in recovery now and who I can’t imagine not spending life with.

Blessings Learned


We’re driving and I’m looking at my husband for what seems like the first time in a few weeks. His face wears the same exhaustion and worry as mine. We’re completely caught up in the day to day grind of life. We’re truly just going through the motions of life.

We get up, we drag our family out the door, we go to work and then go home after long days and attempt to have some meaningful time together as a family before bedtime. Sleep really isn’t a thing right now, and that’s okay. I’m sure McDonald’s appreciates my double coffee purchase every morning as much as I do, too.

An old, familiar song comes on the radio and it takes me back to a slower season of life. Back before we had dark circles under our eyes, and we drove around for the fun of it, not to calm unhappy babies.

No one fell asleep while we were driving tonight. Instead we heard little voices unhappy because our busy night meant we were headed home to bed, and there would be no time to play.

We wouldn’t trade this life for anything, but most evenings we lie down at night, asking each other how we are doing this, and fall asleep wondering how we can do better tomorrow. Most nights really end with us laughing because the chaos is a blessing, but some nights end in silence because it can be down right overwhelming.

We’re sitting in bed now, and I’m watching my husband again. He’s trying so hard to balance this life too and he shoots me a long glance. Our eyes are heavy, but they speak a thousand words. Silent words of understanding and exhaustion, love and chaos.