Blessings Learned

Let’s skip the usual “I’m so thankful” Christmas post and talk about what most of us are thinking today. Christmas was so rushed, we didn’t get to really enjoy it.

We obviously enjoyed watching our kiddos faces light up at the site of their presents and the laughs shared with family. But… we rushed from place to place, gathering to gathering with just enough time between to grab a snack and take quick showers.

We, okay – I, had plans to make a birthday cake for Jesus, build gingerbread houses, watch a Christmas movie and maybe take a nap. That’s taking it a little too far, maybe? None the less, we weren’t able to do any of those things yesterday. We went to each gathering with the stress of making it to the next gathering on time, and trying to figure out how we could keep everyone from meltdowns with no naps, until 10ish, a full two hours after their usual bedtime.

Fortunately or unfortunately, this is likely to always be reality for our family. After our first Christmas with our oldest, I went back to work the next day. I quickly realized that with kids it’s best to take the day after off, to enjoy the time at home and rest from the busy-ness of the day before.

So, today we will enjoy being at home and pretend that it’s still Christmas. We’ll try to check a few of yesterday’s want to-do’s off of the list because it’s really not too late. It’s still Christmas season in our hearts and home.

Sending warm holiday wishes from our blessed family to yours. May your day be relaxed and enjoyable!


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  1. I look back at Christmas past,with great nostalgia,it sure was all hectic, and I usually was tired and grumpy at times, but looking in the rear view mirror,what I miss the most was the fun it really was.kissing the new babies,meeting the newest son and daughterin laws,chatting with the eldest members. we had full bellies and hearts, and were rich beond measure. some day you will look back as I do, and thank god for the hectic times,for all too soon ihe house will be clean and serene, and empty. and as you talk to a grown son or daughter,they will remember the fun, and not the rushing around, and you will sigh, and wish you could hit replay,one more time. love you my busy little granddaughter,for out of chaos you are designing memories!!!


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