Blessings Learned


My kids were at daycare and school today for almost 11 hours. I barely make it the normal nine hour work day without feeling guilty for not being with them, but I love my career too, and making a difference, so to work I will go tomorrow.

I spent way more time than I’d like to admit trying to print labels today. My track record with label printing ain’t so great.

I used to spend weeks planning parties for our little’s birthdays. I realized today that our oldest daughter turns four Monday, and I’ve done nothing! Seriously – nothing!

We drove through Taco Bell for dinner tonight, but ended up eating more ice cream and fruit snacks than tacos (choosing my battles).

During our taco, ice cream, fruit snack dinner our oldest daughter brought me to tears, when she said that I don’t pay enough attention to her. Just one of the challenges of being a big family, I suppose. I’ll have to find a way to resolve her concern soon.

I had an additional small meltdown when the baby wanted people food for dinner and didn’t care to nurse. She can’t be big enough to want people food, I mean she is, but she can’t be.

I had to drag the kids out of the house to run back to work. The baby cried the whole way there and the whole way back home. 

I sent my kids to bed in their clothes for tomorrow because we have to be out the door and in the car before the sun is up. 

I haven’t shaved my legs since the last fancy party we went to almost two months ago. My legs resemble those of a cave woman and if I didn’t need to dress-up for work tomorrow (no leggings with this dress – boo!!!!) I wouldn’t bother with shaving now.

I have five blog posts sitting as drafts, just waiting to be finished. Yay for having stuff to share!

I got 10,000 steps in today and my blood pressure was 98/64 – woot!

I listened to some good music and daydreamed about owning Miley’s dress from the Grammy’s (size 8 please).

My kids went to bed happy with full bellies (ice cream and fruit snacks won’t hurt for one night).

The kids went to bed with no fussing and are so absolutely beautiful when they are sleeping. 





Blessings Learned

Finding the Sweet Spot

For a few years, I’ve been telling myself that as long as I’m making this certain dollar amount a year by the time I turn thirty, I’ll know that I’m doing okay in life.

Guess what?

I’m now thirty and not making that dollar amount (not even close), and God used this to remind me of my real worth and of the true blessings in my life.

I literally had a birthday and woke up the next day with a new perspective.

I’ve found such a sweet spot at thirty. I’ve never before felt so great about where I’m at in life and it has absolutely nothing to do with a dollar amount that’s been determined by a company and some letters behind my name.

It has everything to do with putting together puzzles, licking the bowl after we bake cupcakes and middle of the night cries for “momma”.

My accomplishments in life will come from this sweet spot in time. God-willing my accomplishments will grow and bloom and serve and lead. And that reward far outweighs any amount of monetary compensation I’ll ever receive.

I now know that I can’t set these kinds of goals for success, because they detract from what’s most important in my life – puzzles, cupcakes and being momma.

Blessings Learned

Ready for the week ahead?

We are rarely prepared for the start of the week – scrambling in the morning to find clothes and eat a quick breakfast. Week nights are equally as chaotic, as we rush from activity to activity and make daily grocery store trips for dinner that night.

But I’m proud to say that I’ve got clothes ready to go for all four kids and we made a “meal plan” with potential meals for the week too and have all of the groceries we need for them. Hooray! Now, we didn’t assign days to them because it will depend on how the day goes and what time allows.

Do you meal plan and how do you do it? Weekly, monthly…?

Blessings Learned

Today, one of my high school friends posted a picture of her and her husband dressed up over the holidays. They looked great, and even more than that she looked beautiful. I commented as such and didn’t really think much else about it until she responded back. “We clean up okay, huh?”

My reply of “absolutely” didn’t really capture what I wanted to say to her though. You see this friend, is one I wish I would have spent more time with in high school.

She’s just a genuinely great person. Kind, intelligent, friendly, supportive – everything you could possibly want in a friend, twelve years ago and now. There are now several hundred miles that separate us and I think we’ve only seen each other once since graduation.

Now-a-days she’s a SAHM to a little cutie (toughest job on the planet, really, I couldn’t do it) and her days are probably spent changing diapers, getting food ready and trying to grow her little one into a great person amongst other things. I enjoy the photos she shares of her little one and of them together.

Beautiful friend, I hope that you know that your love and support are felt hundreds of miles away. Being your friend and watching your life (even through pictures) is a blessing. You’re beautiful inside and out every day, not just on days where you get cleaned up and I will forever cherish our friendship, whatever that may look like.