Blessings Learned

Life has a way of getting in the way. Sometimes it moves at such a rapid pace, we seize any opportunity for a moment of peace. Lately, our moments of peace have been found only on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning is spent staying in bed for way too long, talking about how we should be at church and attempting to start cleaning before noon. It’s just a day at home with nowhere to go.

Those Sunday mornings without the rush are peaceful, but it’s not the peace that’s found in hearing the Word and worshipping alongside our church family.

And we’ve been missing that piece of our lives for awhile. If only life didn’t get in the way we didn’t let life get in the way.

With the Easter holiday quickly approaching we are re-committing our time to God, to worship and to our church. Making a conscious effort to make Him a piece of our every day, so that we can find peace again, in life.

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