Blessings Learned

I wake up every day with the best intentions: take a shower, appear put together (thank God for BB Cream and dry shampoo), have well behaved kids, refrain from cursing, finish my infinitely long to-do list at work, take care of my hubby, grow this blog that I love… the list could go on and on. Social media makes us look picture perfect, like we’ve got it all together, but we don’t. It’s a really good front.

I barely made it out of bed and to work this morning. I wanted my ten minute shower to be an hour. Even though our four kiddos were coming in and out with every question imaginable, the hot water running down my head and back felt amazing. Work was busy with no shortage of actual work or meetings. I ran late leaving work, rushing to daycare to get babies and home to get dance recital costumes, and to rehearsal.

My big kiddos did great and my sister, an instructor, made me proud. Dance recital with a two year old who has a sensory processing disorder, is not so awesome. I could’ve posted cute pictures of my little dancers tonight where it appeared that the evening went smoothly, but it didn’t. I sat criss-cross applesauce on the floor next to my sweet baby who was overwhelmed and stuck in her emotions, on the verge of tears myself. There isn’t anything we can really do for her but sit-by and wait. She came around for a little while before becoming overwhelmed and angry again.

I thought going to dinner with my mom, sister and her family, and kiddos sounded great to help pass time while my hubby wrapped up his day. After spilling the baby’s water everywhere, and both littles having meltdowns, I did what any mom would do and poured my untouched margarita into what was the baby’s cup, packed them up and came home. I feel like such a rebel. I came home, where I cried in the driveway, wishing that my husband wasn’t still five minutes away and that I could cool down and get it together, but I couldn’t.

Now, I’m typing this up because it’s so important that people know that no one has it all together, while nursing my overwhelmed mind and my margarita, listening to a baby who just can’t go to sleep.

And although I’m still overwhelmed, I know that I’m also overwhelmingly blessed to have this picture perfect life.

Blessings Learned

Our kids had an activity this morning and we skipped it. No one was sick. We didn’t have previous commitments. We just didn’t want to go.

I had mom guilt for about ten minutes before I realized that the world wasn’t going to end because we didn’t show up. It didn’t hurt anyone. Our kids weren’t sad. We didn’t have to rush through the first few hours of our day.

But why did I feel so guilty about not going? Why does every second of the day have to be filled with plans and commitments? Does it really hurt to just say no sometimes?

I don’t think it does. Sometimes we have to say no to put our family and ourselves first. Sometimes we need just one more hour of unscheduled time in the day.

We aren’t teaching our kids to not be responsible or to not follow through, but that life moves so quickly sometimes you have to grab the reigns and slow it down. And that’s okay.

Blessings Learned

For the mom who sees the pictures and sometimes not-so-nice comments about messy houses, and quickly realizes that the pictures resemble her own home – this is a friendly reminder that messes are sometimes blessings!

At the end of our lives, we will not be judged by how organized our homes were but by how we are as people.

Mom with the messy house, I know that you are trying to juggle raising babies, running a house and maybe even working outside of that house.

I know that you wake up at 5 after just a few short hours of interrupted sleep to begin the day. You make an attempt at getting yourself ready for the day, before the house starts buzzing. You throw clothes and shoes on the kids and scramble to find their coats and assignment books before rushing out the door at 7.

The next nine or ten hours are spent pursuing your passion and supporting your family. Quickly running out of the office at 4:59 to get to your volunteer meeting or the kids to some sort of practice at 5.

At 7, a mere twelve hours after you left, you walk in your house to eat dinner as a family around the table, even if it’s fast food. You cherish that thirty minutes where you get to catch-up with your family before you rush to complete homework and bathe some sleepy little people.

Everyone is happily (haha, yea) tucked into bed at 8:30, and you quickly do a load of laundry, set clothes out for the next day and check your email. Nine rolls around and your eyes are heavy. You see that in the short time you were at home the house got even messier, but the mess will have to wait until tomorrow because someone will need cuddles in the middle of the night and you need some sleep before the day starts over again.

You see, I have the same messy house, and the same busy life. And our mess doesn’t mean that we are lazy. In fact, I think it means exactly the opposite. We are living and giving and loving, and our messy homes are a reflection of just that.

Blessings Learned


If you’re like me and an avid lover of coffee and ice cream – read on.

I think tonight’s free dessert, affogato, will be a new favorite! Our affogato was made with three scoops of Kroger Deluxe Vanilla Frozen Yogurt and eight ounces of brewed, Kroger Donut Shop Blend Coffee plus Kroger Whipped Topping and Chocolate Syrup to top it off. We are frozen yogurt fans, but some would probably prefer traditional ice cream and next time, we plan to make our affogato with chocolate ice cream and more chocolate syrup!

It’s sundae meets frappucino and so incredibly good! Now run out to your local Kroger or a Kroger-family store and try it for yourself!

Blessings Learned

Life has a way of getting in the way. Sometimes it moves at such a rapid pace, we seize any opportunity for a moment of peace. Lately, our moments of peace have been found only on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning is spent staying in bed for way too long, talking about how we should be at church and attempting to start cleaning before noon. It’s just a day at home with nowhere to go.

Those Sunday mornings without the rush are peaceful, but it’s not the peace that’s found in hearing the Word and worshipping alongside our church family.

And we’ve been missing that piece of our lives for awhile. If only life didn’t get in the way we didn’t let life get in the way.

With the Easter holiday quickly approaching we are re-committing our time to God, to worship and to our church. Making a conscious effort to make Him a piece of our every day, so that we can find peace again, in life.

Blessings Learned

We’re back!

After a very refreshing and very busy two week break from social media, school and work, it’s back to reality for the Becker fam.

We loaded up the car ten days ago and drove a thousand or so miles to sunny Orlando, Florida for a safety conference for me and a whole lotta Disney World fun for everyone.

Staring down the last two-hundred miles to home, we’re all a little delirious and ready to be out of the car! I’m looking forward to sharing more of our Disney trip in the coming weeks. We made so many awesome memories!

Have a great weekend!

Blessings Learned


My kids were at daycare and school today for almost 11 hours. I barely make it the normal nine hour work day without feeling guilty for not being with them, but I love my career too, and making a difference, so to work I will go tomorrow.

I spent way more time than I’d like to admit trying to print labels today. My track record with label printing ain’t so great.

I used to spend weeks planning parties for our little’s birthdays. I realized today that our oldest daughter turns four Monday, and I’ve done nothing! Seriously – nothing!

We drove through Taco Bell for dinner tonight, but ended up eating more ice cream and fruit snacks than tacos (choosing my battles).

During our taco, ice cream, fruit snack dinner our oldest daughter brought me to tears, when she said that I don’t pay enough attention to her. Just one of the challenges of being a big family, I suppose. I’ll have to find a way to resolve her concern soon.

I had an additional small meltdown when the baby wanted people food for dinner and didn’t care to nurse. She can’t be big enough to want people food, I mean she is, but she can’t be.

I had to drag the kids out of the house to run back to work. The baby cried the whole way there and the whole way back home. 

I sent my kids to bed in their clothes for tomorrow because we have to be out the door and in the car before the sun is up. 

I haven’t shaved my legs since the last fancy party we went to almost two months ago. My legs resemble those of a cave woman and if I didn’t need to dress-up for work tomorrow (no leggings with this dress – boo!!!!) I wouldn’t bother with shaving now.

I have five blog posts sitting as drafts, just waiting to be finished. Yay for having stuff to share!

I got 10,000 steps in today and my blood pressure was 98/64 – woot!

I listened to some good music and daydreamed about owning Miley’s dress from the Grammy’s (size 8 please).

My kids went to bed happy with full bellies (ice cream and fruit snacks won’t hurt for one night).

The kids went to bed with no fussing and are so absolutely beautiful when they are sleeping. 





Blessings Learned

Finding the Sweet Spot

For a few years, I’ve been telling myself that as long as I’m making this certain dollar amount a year by the time I turn thirty, I’ll know that I’m doing okay in life.

Guess what?

I’m now thirty and not making that dollar amount (not even close), and God used this to remind me of my real worth and of the true blessings in my life.

I literally had a birthday and woke up the next day with a new perspective.

I’ve found such a sweet spot at thirty. I’ve never before felt so great about where I’m at in life and it has absolutely nothing to do with a dollar amount that’s been determined by a company and some letters behind my name.

It has everything to do with putting together puzzles, licking the bowl after we bake cupcakes and middle of the night cries for “momma”.

My accomplishments in life will come from this sweet spot in time. God-willing my accomplishments will grow and bloom and serve and lead. And that reward far outweighs any amount of monetary compensation I’ll ever receive.

I now know that I can’t set these kinds of goals for success, because they detract from what’s most important in my life – puzzles, cupcakes and being momma.

Blessings Learned

Ready for the week ahead?

We are rarely prepared for the start of the week – scrambling in the morning to find clothes and eat a quick breakfast. Week nights are equally as chaotic, as we rush from activity to activity and make daily grocery store trips for dinner that night.

But I’m proud to say that I’ve got clothes ready to go for all four kids and we made a “meal plan” with potential meals for the week too and have all of the groceries we need for them. Hooray! Now, we didn’t assign days to them because it will depend on how the day goes and what time allows.

Do you meal plan and how do you do it? Weekly, monthly…?