Meet the Blessed Up Mom

Hi all!

First things first, thanks for visiting Blessed Up Mom! I’m so glad that you stopped by. Life is messy when you’re juggling faith, family, friends and a full-time job and I’m learning to appreciate the blessings in the mess.

Now time for introductions…

I’m Desiree — wife to Jeremy my high school sweetheart and momma to four beautiful, little, and messy blessings. By day I’m an HR professional and love to encourage my co-workers to be their best selves and pursue their dreams. I’m also an avid over committer volunteer. Over committer sounds like I don’t enjoy volunteering, but it really is my passion. From working in the church nursery to serving on the worship team, and from charitable organizations to our local chamber of commerce, if I’m asked to participate I’m probably going to say yes. What that means is our lives are just a bit messier, but how blessed am I to be able to give back?

My life isn’t and hasn’t always been picture perfect though it may appear that way on Facebook. I had a major break down in 2012 after working full-time, going to college 18 hours a semester, and trying to be a good mom and wife for 1.5 years, that took me out of work for a couple of months and in counseling for much longer. Jeremy and I almost got divorced in 2015 after neglecting our relationship for far too long. Thankfully we turned our marriage over to God, and wow, He has worked wonders in our life together. And you know those kids you see throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store – that’s our normal right now (three kiddos, three and under is crazy).

I’ve started Blessed Up Mom because I’m my own worst critic and sharing life’s messes and blessings with other moms makes the juggling act seem more manageable and less messy. I encourage and urge you to comment, reach out, share and grow with me on this journey of being a Blessed Up Mom.



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