Quick Lunch #1

I’m sure there are others out there, who love stir-fry like I do. So here’s a quick and budget friendly lunch idea for you.

We are big meat eaters and usually try to cook enough to have leftovers, which was the case today.

All you need is in this picture.

Just combine the following in a skillet lightly coated with olive oil and cook over medium-high heat for about 5 minutes.

– 1 package, frozen Stir-fry Starters*

– leftover meat (That would be a grilled pork chop for me today.)

– Stir-fry Sauce, to taste.

*If going home for lunch isn’t an option grab a steamable bag of Stir-fry starter and use these awesome Pyrex Simply Store 14 Piece Round Food Storage Set with Colored Lids, Multi“>Pyrex bowls to heat it up in the microwave.

I’m nursing the baby, so my appetite is ravenous and I devour the whole thing, but it could definitely be split into two meals.



Spicy Pineapple Wraps

I’m sure I won’t have a recipe to share every day, but dinner this evening was one of my favorites and relatively easy (because I didn’t make it, hah).

Here’s what you’ll need other than an empty stomach: Zatarains Dirty Rice Mix, 1/2 yellow onion chopped, 1 can pineapple tidbits (fresh pineapple if you have time), grilled chicken breasts (enough to fill a wrap, so your preference), wraps, shredded cheddar cheese and bbq sauce like Sweet Baby Ray’s.

Follow the instructions on the box of Zatarains to prepare the Dirty Rice. Lightly season and grill the chicken breasts. While the rice and chicken are cooking, carmelize the onion and pineapple until tender. Once the rice, chicken, pineapple and onion are done it is time to assemble the wrap.

There’s no right or wrong, but we start with a tomato basil wrap topped with a layer of shredded cheese and dirty rice, then pineapple and onion, grilled chicken and topped with bbq sauce.

I promise these wraps won’t disappoint. You’ll want to eat two, at least. I did.